The Exhibition of I2SEA

This week, we had to focus upon the exhibition, as this was our final opportunity, to show what we have been creating this semester. Therefore, I will elaborate on our experience at the exhibition, the obstacles that occurred meanwhile and how we managed that and thereby came out with an outcome closer the intended.

The days up until the exhibition, the jellyfish was named I2SEA and were given a female personality, hence we called her by her name at the exhibition and thereby the creature I2SEA finally came to live at the exhibition. At the exhibition the temporal form of the lights were created, so if not touched the light would go into a ‘snooze’ state, lightning up slightly in random patterns, to give a playful character, that would make people pick it up by the string and start playing. When being picked up by the string and swung around in the elastic band, it will brighten up in a very strong light through the lively fade function, as explained earlier. However when being swung too hard it would give the functional feedback of lighting up in a red light for 5 seconds, the reason for that, was because we wanted the user to feel like is a creature with emotions and that you should handle her carefully.

However we experienced some troubles with regards to the playfulness, as the red light created some constraints for the user, they did not like to ruin I2SEA. Therefore they where very careful in swinging the artefact around, which made it less playful in regards of movements of the jellyfish. On one hand this might be due to the accelerometer catching it to give the output too early or the sensor not being the right for that particular part (as seen in the below video). Therefore, the interaction seemed to be interrupted with the red light appearing.

Therefore, we chose to quickly change the temporal form of the lights and removed the feedback of the red lights. Through that, the user had more potential to explore the interaction gestalt, being able to swing it around without the feeling of having to be too careful with I2SEA.  In the below video, is an example of how playful it suddenly became, with only using the functional feedback of the bright light when being swung around in the elastic band.

At the exhibition, it was great to finally get to explore how the physical form, temporal form and the interaction gestalt actually acted out as a whole. Furthermore, how a simple change of light in the temporal form, created constraints for the users, making I2SEA a less playful creature than we imagined being. Hence, this challenge, became a way for us to explore even further what actually created the constraints of the user when playing around with the artefact and how quickly it was to overcome this challenge. Thereby, the design came into a more lively state for the user and created the playful interaction that we could only hope for.